Nature's Bounty Farm
Fresh & Healthy
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Our Vegetables

Our produce is planted with non gmo and organic seeds. We here at the farm believe that total nutrition should not come laden with chemicals but should be natural and wholesome the way nature inteded. Our meal packs contain dehydrated vegetables with no chemical additives.

Who We Are

Nature's Bounty Farm
Owner-Tabatha Tasker 
Mission - To  Increase Health and wellness through Nutritional Food and Education to the in need community. 

Why Eat Clean

With an over abundance of fast food and over processed foods, high prices and low supply of fresh foods the farm is stepping in to help the in need community. Health issues among our children and adults of which many are linked to poor nutrition.

Our Fertilizers

The fertilizer used here at the farm are all natural, we use chicken dirt and eventually will use hog manure and or cow manure along. To control bugs in the garden and around the hen house we only use natural ingrediants. 

Welcome to Nature's Bounty Farm Website

​What is Nature's Bounty Farm? 
We are a small non profit organization licensed in the state of Virginia.
Our Mission-To increase access to and availability of fresh produce, printed educational material and videos concerning items aimed at increasing health and wellness of the at risk community in an effort to increase nutritional food consumption, skills and knowledge leading to increased health and wellbeing. 

Who can participate? Individuals who are on fixed incomes such as SS, Individuals and Working Families whose income is below $35,000 yearly, or who may be experiencing exceptional circumstances. 
Registration is necessary as we operate from a small location. 

Who are we? 
Tabatha-Owner/Director BS Degree in Human Services-Child and Family Welfare, MS Degree in Health Education, Experienced in Farming and raising poultry, working with at risk families and knowledgable in a multitude of areas including how to stretch a budget to eat healthy, how nutrition plays a key role in our health and wellbeing, etc. Experienced cook as well as catering for large crowds. 
Dan-Experienced in farming and carpentry, knowledgeable in working with elderly/disabled, lower income in sharing knowledge.
We are a small family run Micro Farm that believes our health and wellbeing comes from what we eat and taking self responsibility for our health and that of our family, wishing to share our knowledge and skills as well as produce and eggs to help our community become healthier and increase skills and knowledge. 

Nature's Bounty Farm is a charity based organization and relies heavily on donations, grants and fundraisers to succeed, if you would like to donate or register to be a participant please feel free to contact us at:
or FB at :

LIMITED SPACE so register early 

June 2017

Everything is Growwwinnnng here at Nature's Bounty Farm...Rather in a pot or in the ground or in above ground growing areas...
June has brought us some beautiful sunshine, warm temperatures and with is some dry weather...Check out our June photos below
We are donating Fresh Produce to our local elementary school as well as two local senior centers. 
For our local community members we will also be having produce for sale also currently have those mmm ummo Delicious Farm Fresh Brown Eggs. 
As our season continues we are still looking for sponsors/donations as a new charity non profit..grants are extremely hard to come by. Please contact us if your would like to support our effort to increase accessibility of fresh produce to our in need communities. 
Thank You for visiting our website stay tuned for updates.